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Pho Pharonic Choreography
by Melina of Daughters of Rhea


Performed to “Un World Mysteriouse” by Dimitri from Paris (Track 16 on the Sacrebleu CD)


This is a dance I choreographed for my sister Piper and me to perform as a duet.  The basic idea is hieroglyphs come to life.   Pho Pharonic can also be done alone, but if you chose to perform it as a duet or group of paired performers it does help to partner with someone who looks like your sister!  We see Pho Pharonic as a sacred dance of the imagined ancient Egyptian temple and try to channel that still, sacred energy while dancing it.  The dance is deceptively simple:  the moves are not necessarily advanced or complicated but they must be done to perfection.  You must pay complete attention to timing, precision arms and hips, and where you place your gaze.


Stand still with head down, arms relaxed at sides, palms facing in to body, fingers together, thumbs in.


Look up and come to life.


Traveling Horizontal figure 8 hips walking forward. 8 counts.

ARMS: “part the waters” with hands at right hip, “reveal the pearl” with hands at left hip.


Stand in place, right foot slightly in front of left and do figure 8s on the horizontal plane in double time.  8 counts.  ARMS:  arms extended out about waist level with bent elbows and palms facing up.


Level change with figure 8s, same arms.  Same move as above but with level change down and up.  Rising gently to the balls of your feet so you can more easily descend while keeping your posture vertical, figure 8 hips on the horizontal while descending straight down, then back up.  4 counts down, 4 counts up.


Hieroglyph pivot turns with step hip lifts.

Four ¼ turns touching out right foot to jut out right hip and pivoting on left foot around to the left.  First right foot step is toward audience.  ARMS: left hand touches behind right, right arms extended out and swinging from elbow following right hip to accent each pivot.

Step forward on right foot, lift left hip squinches up into body with thighs together, weight on right foot. Step back left, right and repeat on other side.  Step forward with left foot, squinch right hip into body, step back right, left.  ARMS:  right arm behind head, left arm extended to left side holding up an imaginary tray with bent elbow.  GAZE follows extended hand on count 2 and 6, then snaps back to center.  REPEAT from hieroglyph turns.


Vertical right hip circle traveling step while facing right. 8 counts.  ARMS: left arm extended left and bent at elbow so that your left hand is close to your ear at ear level with fingers together and palms facing down.  Right arm in classic hieroglyph position with palm facing down and bent at elbow.  In transition moment, bring palms together in prayer, then do the same traveling left and switch arms.


Figure 8 hips (mayas) bringing prayer arms slowly up above head.  8 counts. On count four, prayer-position palms should be at third eye position.


Walk the wire forward and back with snake arms. 4 count front, 4 count back.


Jazz lunges side to side with snake arms. Gaze follows arms downward right, center, downward left, center.


Side walk with shoulder shimmy into leg lift behind. Walk to right side: feet right, left, right, left leg lift then left, right, left, right leg lift. Shoulders shimmy, shimmy, shimmy then look away from back lifted leg.  4 times total traveling right and left.


2 Pelvic clutch drops followed by chest accents (forward back forward).  Repeat sequence four times.  Snap back to facing forward, feet and legs together, arms out to sides, bent at elbow so hands are at shoulder level with fingers holding two imaginary napkins. 


Traveling Ummy ummies to right with arms extended to sides, elbows slightly bent, palms facing outward as if pushing walls away.


Camel walk in circle to right, right arm in “holding sacred tray” position, left arm down near but not touching left hip, palm facing hip. 


Undulations in place.  If you are in pairs, this is where you would go back to back and undulate as if you are glued together to the audience’s cries of amazement and delight. 


Moving hieroglyph arm positions.  Right arm to side elbow bent palm up, left arm to side elbow bent palm up, raise right arm holding elbow position up over head, raise left arm up to meet it, palms come together over head, cross right arm under chin then left arm, head slides side to side starting with right for 8 counts. Eyes look right and left. 


Hand undulations around to right, then left.


Traveling 1st charka undulations offstage.