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Rhea of Greece


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An icon of Oriental Dance, Rhea has captivated students and audiences worldwide with her magnetic personality, spellbinding stories, maverick spirit and dynamic dance technique, which blends principles of ancient Greek dance with modern Turkish cabaret.

Unwaveringly dedicated to both this ancient dance form and to living an authentic life, Rhea leaves no adventure unturned. She has whirled with dervishes by the Blue Nile, climbed atop Mt. Sinai and broken bread in Bedouin tents, performed at prestigious venues all over the world including the legendary Dora Stratou Theater, dipped her body in waters dedicated to Artemis, and spawned countless professional dancers throughout the world, including her own daughters Piper and Melina.

Rhea journey in belly dance began with her teacher and mentor, Jamila Salimpour. Rhea became one of the first sword dancers in Jamila's legendary troupe Bal Anat. Thanks to Jamila, Rhea was the first dancer in America to take the balancing of a sword into the context of a cabaret performance.

Rhea went on to dance, teach and perform in the San Francisco Bay Area when interest in belly dance had reached its zenith, bringing up her two young daughters in the heart of the art. In 1977, Rhea left the U.S. to explore the various sources of belly dancing in the Middle East. After seeing the then reigning stars of the day, Zohair Zaki & Nagwa Fouad, and dancing in Egypt herself, Rhea settled in Athens, setting up a small studio à la Isadora Duncan at the base of the Acropolis.

In 2000, Rhea produced and arranged Ali Arsoy's CD Ali Bi Ghanni Li Rhea with the oriental dancer in mind. The songs are grouped into a series of mini dance routines so you can just pop in the disk and play it for your shows or impromptu performances. "Ali Bi Ghanni Li Rhea" is also the companion CD to Rhea's instructional video, Rhea's Fast Combos.

Rhea's current theories of dance emphasize Reconciliation of the Opposites – the union of right and left brain, Yin and Yang, male and female principles, sky and earth.  Why did matriarchy change to patriarchy and what does the snake have to do with it?  Rhea’s instinctive conjectures illuminate in ways that will delight the mind and improve your dance!  Everyone who crosses her path will attest:  Never a dull moment with Rhea!  

Find out about RHEA'S LESSONS in the ancient city of Athens.

Rhea DOES NOT do the internet, so if you would like to communicate with Rhea and don't want to call her up, then please send her a real, actual letter in the mail.

Byronos #9
Plaka, Athens 10558

If you can't operate outside the parameters of our electronic age, then email Melina who will relay your message to her mother telephonically.

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